Prednisone is a medicine specifically meant for the treatment of low corticosteroid levels. While taking prednisone you require to don't forget regarding the risk of developing weakening of bones. You will certainly have to have actually routine tests done in the lab to ensure you do to create any type of adjustments in your bone that may be dangerous. Ensure you talk to your medical supplier concerning your treatment and mention any kind of is clinical problems that may have an effect on eh dose you are recommended the following health care conditions are understood to do that: cardiovascular disease, emotional issues, thyroid condition, condition, higher blood pressure, tuberculosis, myasthenia gravis, weakening of bones, threadworms, mental ailment, lesions, intestinal tract condition, seizures, liver or renal disease, and other ones you think are necessary to point out. Take prednisone just as prescribed and stay away from sharing it with other individuals. Do not stop taking this medicine all of a sudden, as you may experience extreme exhaustion, craving for salt, upset stomach, adjustments in skin color, weakness, fat loss, and other symptoms that suggest low degrees of corticosteroids. Ensure you speak to your medical carrier if you think you have to terminate the treatment. (c) 2010